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"Transformation is not an easy task.  It takes fortitude and commitment.  It requires that you submit to a process that can test the level of your resolve.  We transform when we come to the conclusion that staying the same is no longer an option."
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NEW!  - Stephanie Credle Ministries is launching a new study on the impact of African American philanthropy.  The intent is to dispel the myth that philanthropy is not embraced in the African American community.  Our emphasis as a ministry is to explore and institute ways to partner and leverage philanthropic efforts. 
NOVEMBER - 1st Saturday at 1:00 p.m. - A TLRH Outreach Event.  Mrs. Florence Hampton will travel to Newport News to participate in our annual ''Love and Warmth" event.  God gave Florence the idea to crochet hats and scarfs for homeless citizens.  Her handmade line is called "Heart-Warming Creations".  Florence crochets throughout the spring and summer in order to bring warmth to those who are in need.  Come out to show your love and support as we move into the winter months.  We'll provide coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, and muffins.  Contact TLRH for exact location.
MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY!!! Has God given you a word of encouragement to give to the Body of Christ?  If so, our website may be a great means to reach the masses!  If you are interested in publishing your article, or your thought for the day, please contact us!  You can submit articles to
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About Us

Stephanie Credle Ministries was officially born on September 9, 2011.  That date was deliberately chosen because it was the birthdate of a very special woman.  Florence Williams Hampton labored to give me life and, together with my father Rev. Dennis Mitchel Hampton, taught me to honor God.  I'm grateful that God placed me in a wonderful family and counted me faithful to join with him in Kingdom Building.  Stephanie Credle Ministries pledges to provide support to the community and to church congregations throughout the Hampton Roads, Central Virginia, and Northeastern North Carolina area.  Through the biblical concept of "gleaning", we will provide support to those who are struggling under the weight of disappointment, discouragement, and devastation. 
We believe God will provide supporters, partners, and volunteers who feel the call of God to do the work of ministry. "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35).  Until Jesus returns, we labor that they might KNOW! read more

My Bio

Rev. Stephanie Hampton Credle is the CEO and founder of Stephanie Credle Ministries.  She is a caring leader who has been called into Kingdom work in order to build disciples, share the love of Christ in a tangible and meaningful way to the global community.
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